Book 7, Chapter 42


When the first rays of dawn finally broke up the darkness over Floe Bay, they lit up a few trails in varying shades of purple that stretched across the sky. These were tears in spacetime that had been left behind by the battle, the broken fabric of existence slowly repairing itself. People were running all over the Deepblue, supplies being moved out constantly from the now-open warehouse to where they would be used.

Scaffolding had already been erected all around the tower to allow the stoneworkers to begin repairs, countless mages shuttling back and forth as they used levitation spells to send the heavier components upwards. The more experienced ones were examining all the floors for weak points that had risen from the damage, mending them carefully. Since Sharon had awoken with all her powers intact, the residents of the tower were working with maximal efficiency.

The top floor was the most severely damaged of them all....

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