Book 7, Chapter 41


Sharon was cold in the face of Apeiron’s aggression, “Try me! Are you going to run away again?”

The Empress sneered at the suggestion, “Not this time!”

“Alright.” Sharon didn’t say any more, just drawing the outline of another portal and starting to knead it into a ball of energy. Apeiron truly didn’t dodge, instead assuming her archer’s stance once more as she shot thousands upon thousands of arrows like a tidal wave straight towards the attack. Another mushroom cloud flew over the bay, but the ball of spatial; energy didn’t reach its intended destination and instead crumbled under the assault of so many arrows. Threads of grey energy circled the violent flames weakly, but they destroyed ten times their volume in fire before dying out.

Only a hundred metres away from the weakened explosion, Apeiron kept to her word...

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