Book 7, Chapter 38

Soul Contract

Sharon’s eyes twinkled as she covered her mouth and laughed, heartily, eyelashes fluttering like feathers in the wind, “Really?”

“… Of course!” Tiamat responded, finding the second time easier to swallow.

Sharon picked the dragon up and flew towards the completed weyr, throwing her into a random hole, “This is where you stay.”

The moment she said those words, magical light fell on Tiamat’s body and twirled around it. The energy slowly suppressed the Prime Evil’s resistance, burrowing into her body and locking up her energy. In this semiplane, Sharon’s will was law and could not be resisted, in body or soul.

Standing at the mouth of the cave, Sharon looked at the small dragon and spoke in a lofty tone, “You’re going to stay here for a month...

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