Book 7, Chapter 37

The Miserable(2)

Although Richard had gone as fast as he could, it had still taken almost the entire night to fly over. The Deepblue tower in the distance already looked decimated, even if its general structure was still intact. Flames were still raging everywhere, making for a ghastly sight.

Richard actually slowed down his wyverns, adjusting himself to peak form. He was too late to affect the immediate situation, so the battle would either have stabilised or come to an end. He would likely be starting a new one, and that he had to win.

As they got closer, they confirmed that there were no fights going on. Shadows flickered as warriors ran around to put out the fire and help the wounded, making it clear that everything had come to an end. The outcome wasn’t as bad as expected, but Richard could still smell something rotten in the air that even he...

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