Book 7, Chapter 33

Pain And Struggle

The explosions continued to ring out in the upper levels of the Deepblue, the visitors and students in the lower levels remaining quiet as they watched the fight. Hundreds of the winged beings were at the middle levels of the tower, standing guard at the boundary. So long as no one crossed the lines, they would not attack.

Voidbones was someone who knew the Deepblue quite well. Instead of fighting a long, protracted battle, he had decided to give those who would rather stay out of it a chance to do so. Without the support of the external mages, those loyal to the Deepblue were no match for him and Tiamat.

The Deepblue was in no way weak; in fact, they had exceptional strength that could stop the polar north from invading southwards. Duergar, orcs, ice giants, gnomes… The Grey Court that ruled the north was one of the three powerful...

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