Book 7, Chapter 32

Battle For The Deepblue

Nine wyverns took off into the night sky, flying west as quickly as they could. From the first moment they were driven to full speed, flapping their wings desperately to comply with their master’s orders.

Richard’s body was pressed into the back of his wyvern as he regularly switched mounts. He didn’t fear the cold winds, but the posture was meant to suppress the anxiety in his heart. He wanted desperately to just leave this behind and fly over himself— he would certainly get there much faster— but that would exhaust him completely and leave him useless when he did get there. Never in his life had he regretted his lack of interest in long-distance portals as much as he did right now.

“Are you not going to help him, Your Majesty?” Julian asked Empress Apeiron. The two were watching it all from the royal keep.

“Why would I? It only serves him right...

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