Book 7, Chapter 31


Richard nodded at Apeiron’s question, his attention brought back to a menu placed on the table in front of her. Dozens of dishes were written on it, a single page not enough to list them all, but it looked rather old. He recalled a rumour that the Emperor didn’t change the menu for years at a time during his rule.

“I haven’t looked around yet. Keep me company, the two of you,” the Empress said as she stood up. Pale gold light shining in from the window behind her, the silhouette of her face looked quite graceful and rather frail.

While Richard and even Julian himself were surprised, the former bowed slightly with perfect etiquette to acquiesce. Of course, the latter’s obedience was never in question; Julian would follow her anywhere across the endless void without hesitation.

The royal palace was enormous with hundreds of rooms of varying sizes,...

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