Book 7, Chapter 30

Still Young And Beautiful

You’re probably tired, aren’t you?” For some reason, these words didn’t make Apeiron angry. She only sighed, looking on as the rest of the letter showed itself.

It’s been thirty years in Norland. I’m unsure how much time has passed for you, but it’s undoubtedly long. You’re back because Philip doesn’t wish to wait any longer; he came to see me. He’s already merged into the flood of time, returned to nothingness. Even I won’t be able to find a single trace of his existence again.

“Thirty years ago, I used everything I had to get him a century. Who knew that he couldn’t wait that long, coming back after only three decades? It was only when I saw him that I understood; these thirty years have been unbearable torture. The methods we thought best for him… they weren’t what he wanted.

“Is this the result of that battle? I’ve been in this church...

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