Book 7, Chapter 29

The Cycle Continues(2)

Apeiron floated back to her chair even as the nobles present gaped dumbly, “You bastards saw enough, right? Now vote before I run out of patience!”

While the brash ultimatum left many at a loss, Duke Orleans stood up. Taking the golden sceptre that signified his vote, he headed towards the Princess and left it at Julian’s feet. The top of his head only reached her calves, so he looked up and matched her gaze with a meaningful look, “I would rather this country choke on its own blood than bow before humiliation.”

These words moved many of the nobles present. Everyone here had suffered indescribable humiliation only a few days ago, and the scarring wounds that were the two dividing lines were still fresh in their minds. They started nodding in consensus.

The Duke’s steps were heavy as he returned...

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