Book 7, Chapter 28

The Cycle Continues

The Princess’s gaze swept across the family heads of the fourteen and she snorted, “You absolute trash! You’ve been bullied right up to your doorstep but you still won’t fight? Where’s your pride?!”

She stopped for a moment on Richard, but continued to shake her head, “So this one’s trash as well!”

Richard’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t speak.

When Kimbaye returned to his seat, an old Marquess from the Millennial Empire asked him softly, “Isn’t this princess below the epic realm still? Why yield so much?”

There were hints of disapproval in the man’s voice, but Kimbaye just smiled, “Instinct.”

The old Marquess froze, almost disbelieving his own ears, “Did you just say instinct?”


“How… How can you make such important decisions based on instinct? What sort of rubbish...

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