Book 6, Chapter 8


“Alright, alright!” Richard returned the warm embrace before pushing him away.

The brute took a few steps back before looking over him from top to bottom in confusion, “You already became a grand mage? When did this happen… Wait, does that mean you can beat me now?”

While Richard had spent three years in the Land of Dusk, four years had already passed in Faelor. Gangdor had become a saint two years ago, his saint ability being an enhanced version of Gaia’s Force. The brute could now boost his strength and defence during battle; a simple ability, but a practical one.

“You want to compete with Master?” a clear voice interjected, “You can’t even beat me.”

Gangdor subconsciously clenched his buttocks as he heard this voice behind him, clearly terrified of Waterflower’s presence. He realised his mistake immediately, but before he could react he felt an icy sensation travelling down his backbone.

In a true battle, that one attack would have destroyed his spine.

Gangdor relaxed his body, lifting his hands in defeat as he laughed sheepishly, “Waterflower, you’re strong now too! So you were with boss all this while, huh… Hmm?” He suddenly took a deep whiff in her direction, asking in confusion, “Why do you still look so fresh? Boss should be skilled at this, are you just that unladyl— AH, NO! STOP IT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

The brute started jumping around the courtyard, his cries echoing like those of an enormous dragon. Waterflower had a bitter look on her face as she pursued him like a shadow, her still-sheathed sword moving swiftly as the wind, scaring the daylights out of Gangdor. Her attacks barely missed every time, so he didn’t dare to slacken for even a moment. If she so much as brushed against him with such force, he would be sent to bed for half a month.

The “fight” immediately riled up everyone nearby as Gangdor’s squealing rang almost all the way towards Bluewater proper. Multiple nimble bodies shot out of the barracks to try and help fend off the attacker, the rune knights that Richard had stationed in Faelor. However, the moment they saw that it was Waterflower chasing Gangdor, they immediately froze in place and gave way. They had immense respect for the brute, sure, but that couldn’t compare to how much they were terrified of Waterflower.

Richard looked over as the rune knights retreated, appreciating just how powerful they had become. Each one was at least level 15, and their movements alone revealed their imposing powers. However, Waterflower had beaten so many of them up that they wouldn’t dare to move a muscle in her presence. It was one thing to get beaten up by Gangdor and Tiramisu, one could just blame that on the difference in physiology, but this seemingly fragile girl only held back her strength in so much as she wouldn’t kill or maim them. There was no glory to be had in her preferred method of punishment.

Ever since Gangdor had become a saint, his strength in battle had skyrocketed. However, looking at how he was squeaking as he ran from Waterflower, it was obvious just how strong she had become. The rune knights gasped, dropping out of the sky and freezing as they pretended to see nothing.

“You little bastards!” Gangdor cursed them, “Just you wait— EEP!”

Before he could even finish his threat, the distracted Gangdor finally lost the race. Waterflower’s hilt slammed into his thigh, causing him to jump in pain as he leapt across the wall. She then returned to Richard’s side and stood tall and proud, as though she had done nothing wrong.

The rune knights broke out in a cold sweat, but were also relieved that Waterflower had shown leniency in only attacking Gangdor’s thigh and not his rear. However, Richard just shook his head in silence. Waterflower still didn’t have absolute control over her own strength, so she had attacked the thigh just to make sure she didn’t tear Gangdor apart by accident. Once she grew used to his new strength as well, her target would switch back.

“Show’s done, you can return.” As Richard waved his hand, the rune knights immediately ran away like frightened rabbits, not even caring about whether they seemed rude. Just as he was about to turn to Waterflower, however, faint golden light flashed into existence and formed grains of timesand that arranged themselves into a clear command, “Get over here!”

Richard immediately felt a certain warmth in his heart, taking big strides towards Flowsand’s residence. Waterflower looked a little sad, almost moving alongside him by instinct, but she eventually stopped and quietly disappeared.


In front of Richard was the familiar courtyard with the familiar door. As he opened the gate and walked in, he chanced a glance at his own nearby home and found a familiar face staring down from the second floor. Rosie smiled faintly and stepped away, clearly returning to her own craft to give him space.

Even after all the years, Flowsand’s residence hadn’t changed much at all. Even the furniture within was the same as before, as was the charming woman slumped down on the couch. As usual, the struggles deep within those amber eyes were concealed by glee.

Flowsand and Richard just smiled as they looked at each other; it had been four years since they’d last met. It took an entire minute before she broke the silence, hooking her fingers seductively, “So the kid is now a grand mage! You’re quite something, come here and show me how much you’ve grown.”

Richard laughed heartily, “I’ll destroy you with room to spare.”

This time, there was no probing or teasing. Like two parched travellers finally chancing upon an oasis, they dove straight into the depths.

“That’s… That’s…” It didn’t take long for Flowsand to start squealing, but Richard just sped up in the middle of her surprise. He took advantage of her dazed state, determined that he would finally end one of these bouts leaving her the quivering mess.

“No… Stop, how did you get so—”

“Harder? Sure!” As he completely ignored her protests, Richard felt truly grateful towards the old pervert in the Land of Dusk. He would never have the stamina to outlast Flowsand, but if he could succeed before it came to that point it would all be to the credit of the ursa essence implanted within him.

It was only when she reached the edge of orgasm that he slowed down a little, giving her a chance to breathe. Flowsand almost squealed in relief, biting her lower lip as she glared at him, “Is this all you learnt in three years?”

These words were better than any other praise Richard could ever receive; they immediately left him feeling on top of the world. Not long after, she was brought to the edge of orgasm once more. This time, despite her cries turning into angry rebukes and an intense fight back, he only grew more beastly as he brought her to the crest. She didn’t admit it at first, but it wasn’t long before she could hold on no longer and surrendered.

And then, addled by the ursa warlord’s essence and basking in the glory of his victory, he made the mistake of choosing to press his advantage further.

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