Book 3, Chapter 137

Just Want To See Her

Although he had already decided to tell Richard everything, Blackgold still hesitated for a moment, “What I’m going to say now is entirely my own conjecture, with no conclusive evidence. Don’t take it as gospel.”

“No problem,” Richard agreed, looking relaxed. However, his heart was starting to sink. The scene of the future flashed through his mind repeatedly, Sharon floating in the boundless void.

“I believe Her Excellency was prepared when she went to Faelor for the second time. Her intent was to battle all the gods of the plane and weaken them.” The moment he said this, all strength seemed to leave the grey dwarf’s body.

Everyone knew the greatest enemy in a planar war was the opposing pantheon. Richard knew Faelor had an astonishing number of gods, something the legendary mage should have been able to determine from their first battle. When she returned, she had definitely faced multiple powerful deities.

He took in a deep breath, gazing up at the ceiling in an attempt to force back the warmth in his eyes. “Will I be able to see her?” he asked flatly, “If I come over now?”

The grey dwarf hesitated, “I’m not sure. After Her Excellency entered hibernation, her elven servants have become the highest authority in the Deepblue. None of us are allowed into her level of the tower, but it might be different for you. If she made any special arrangements for it, the puppets should allow you to enter. However, Her Excellency sleeps deeper than a dragon. Even if you go in, you’ll likely just see her asleep. Are you sure about this?”

“That’s fine. I just want to see her. I’ll be there by tomorrow night.”

The power of the magic crystals depleted, the magic circle’s light gradually dulled to leave Richard shrouded in darkness. He stood there quietly for a moment, his five years in the Deepblue flowing through his mind like water.

But then he suddenly walked out of the transmission room and approached the steward who was in the castle’s hall. “Prepare three of our best griffins for flight, I’ll be leaving in half an hour.”

The old man was surprised, “Now, Young Master? Are you not rushing back to Faelor tomorrow?”

“There’s been a change in schedule. I’ll take care of things once I’m back, but for now have Gangdor bring the warriors and mages back to Faelor with the equipment… Wait, give this to Flowsand.” Even as he spoke, Richard grabbed a pen and some paper before writing a note that he placed in an envelope and passed to the steward before sending him off.

Once the butler hastily left, Richard got hold of a servant and instructed him to get some vitality potions and wrap them well. The servant left in a hurry while Richard remained in the hall waiting, standing and sitting every once in a while in frustration.

It was at that moment that Wennington hastened over, his eyes brightening at the sight of his brother. His face was still swollen from the assault, aura weak and footsteps light. Richard frowned, “You still need rest. What are you doing running around here?”

Wennington quite obviously flinched, but he still walked over to Richard and smiled wryly, “Richard, there’s something I have to say… I’m not sure if I should say this, but I need to discuss this.”

“Speak!” Richard’s frown grew worse. He didn’t understand why this half-brother of his had suddenly become so long-winded.

Wennington obviously began to get nervous, “It- it’s about Rosie.”

“Who?” Richard thought his ears were becoming unreliable.

Wennington grew incredibly nervous under the blade-like gaze, sweat starting to bead on his forehead as his stutter grew worse, “R-Rosie… Umm… I don’t t-think she’s quite the same as the other Mensas. I… I think you should give her a chance…”

A cold sneer appeared on the corner of Richard’s lips, “What sort of chance?”

“Like… following you to Faelor…”

“You met her?”

“Yes… no, no…” Wennington was already a nervous wreck, something he had never expected. It felt as though the one standing before him was actually Gaton.

“SMACK!” Before he could finish speaking, a fiery slap rang across his face. He staggered a few steps backwards cradling his face as he stared at Richard in astonishment.

Richard stared back icily, “The Mensas used you as bait to try and kill me; I had to fight two duels back to back to save your life. And now that you’re safe, you’ve set your sights on Rosie. Amazing! Just. AMAZING!

“No matter how pretty is, she is still a Mensa. A Mensa, from the same family that trapped that fool of a man in another plane! Do you still need me to remind you of that? What, did her tits and ass make you forget your own family?”

Wennington’s head hung low, face practically on fire.

Richard’s tone only grew colder, “Young Master Wennington, let me remind you once more. Rosie is my spoil of battle, and she has nothing to do with you at all. As long as I’m alive, don’t even think of touching a hair on her head. You want her? Sure, win against me first! This is the Archeron Family, a place where might makes right. On this floating island, in our fief, I call the shots. Even if Gaton returns, he’ll have to prove himself over me first!”

“Richard, Wennington isn’t that kind of person!” Venica had entered the hall at some point in time. Seeing the enraged Richard, she couldn’t help but rush to persuade him.

Richard snorted, gaze flitting between the two as a smirk covered his face, “You lot aren’t half bad, eh. One’s level 10 and the other level 9; the former only knows to strip in front of someone, while the other’s learnt to pick fights in public and get beaten half dead!

“That trap was so obvious, but you lot jumped right in!” He pointed at his head, “What do you have in here? Did you think being Gaton’s children made you great or something? We Archerons have honour, yes, but with the meagre strength you have do you think you can uphold that honour? The family isn’t so cheap!”

“This is the last time,” he pointed at the two, “Last time I’m saving you for such a thing. With the state of the family right now, it’s you who should be supporting the family and not the other way around.”

Wennington and Venica had nothing to say at all, but a clear voice suddenly rang from outside the hall, “This isn’t his fault. I asked to meet him and persuaded him to bring up my request.”

Watching Rosie enter the hall, Richard’s eyes quickly narrowed. He took large strides towards her, suddenly grasping her by the neck and raising her up with one hand. The expressions of Wennington and Venica quickly changed, but this time neither of them made so much as a peep.

“Lady Rosie Mensa, I’m in a very bad mood right now. Don’t challenge my patience!” Richard was practically gritting out the words at this point, “This is the Archeron island, not the Mensa territory; you’d do well to shut your mouth! Your face might be useful to others, but it has no effect on me. Don’t play with fire, or I’ll kill you right away!”

Rosie’s physique was actually excellent, even slightly taller than Richard’s own. However, raised in the air by him she couldn’t speak. Even breathing wasn’t possible, her face gradually turning purple.

Only when her eyes rolled back into their sockets and her arms fell off his did Richard release his hold, tossing her to the ground. Finally able to breathe again, the young lady immediately covered her throat with both hands. Hard coughs rang out endlessly, her entire body twitching.

It was quite difficult for her to regain her breath, looking up slightly. And yet, all she saw in front of her was Richard’s battle boots. She followed his figure all the way up to his eyes, staring at him with a serene gaze.

Richard had calmed down himself, stating dully, “If not for your families causing trouble in the background, why would I have ended up on Faelor? So many things would have been different today. Stop daydreaming, you don’t have the ability to change my decisions.”

‘Sooner or later, I will come calling for all of your family.’ This was something Richard did not need to say. His actions would be enough of a statement.

“Guards!” Richard suddenly shouted, and two soldiers immediately entered the hall to await his orders. He pointed at Rosie, “Take her to her room and tell the steward to monitor all of her activities. Without an order from either him or me, she isn’t to take a single step out from her room! Also, capture all the soldiers that were guarding her and turn them into slaves!”

These actions were actually a warning to everyone, and Wennington in particular. Rosie finally lost her composure and looked at him with an imploring gaze, but Richard’s face had gone blank. There was no cruelty or anger, only a dull apathy that caused her heart to sink.


Having dealt with the unexpected issue, Richard no longer bothered with the pale Wennington and Venica as he left for the griffin station. Three griffins had been roused, preparations made for a long-distance flight.

Richard flipped onto the back of one of the beasts, not wasting any time as he patted its neck. The creature stood and flapped its wings with force, slowly rising into the sky and turning in the direction of the Deepblue. It gradually sped up, disappearing into the vast night sky in the blink of an eye. The two others also let out loud cries, taking flight one after the other as they chased after their companion.

That night looked incomparably pure, illuminated by the scarlet and jade crescents. The clear cries of the griffins occasionally disturbed the silence of the dark, three silhouettes flitting across the sky.

Time passed without rest. Night turned to dawn and day turned to dusk once more as he passed through mountains, forests, and deserts, not stopping for a single moment. When one of the beasts was tired, he immediately changed to another and allowed the fatigued creature to rest. Long distance rides were exceedingly laborious, but every few hours he chugged down a vitality potion to deal with it.

As the sun set and the purple moon took its place high in the sky, the Deepblue finally entered his sight.

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