Book 3, Chapter 64

Behind The Scenes(2)

The steward paused for a while before continuing, “This matter is very tricky. The nature of his offence is harsh, so even the local barons are applying pressure on the courts to punish Mr. Cencil severely. Based on experience, the judgement should be death by hanging.”

Coco immediately felt her vision go black, almost fainting right that instant. “Brother was the only one who truly loved me since I was young!” she pleaded the moment she came to, “Please, Sir, please think of a way to save him! I’m willing to pay any price!”

There were tears in the girl’s eyes. This was an unexpected disaster that nearly overwhelmed her.

“Do you even have anything to pay with?” the old steward asked profoundly.

Coco’s weeps slowed down, turning into sobs of despair. Indeed, it was already lenient of Richard to let her continue living her former life. Everything she had came from the Archerons, from Richard’s very existence. What was she worth herself?

The old butler sighed, “Young Master’s identity should still be able to save Mr. Cencil’s life. However, what about Young Master’s children?”

Coco absently caressed her belly, facing turning pale as she bit her lips, “But… He isn’t willing to even touch me! What can I do?”

The steward replied with an old proverb, “There are only women who cannot be conquered, what man exists that cannot be seduced?”

The girl suddenly performed a deep bow, “I understand! I will try my best, but please help my brother! It’s fine as long as he survives!”

“Time is tight,” the old steward said indifferently.

Coco understood his meaning and turned around, preparing to leave. Richard hadn’t told her about his schedule, but she could see the various signs that he would depart soon. She indeed did not have much time; once Richard left, who knew when he would come back. Although it was hard to guarantee that she could conceive a child in such a short period of time, she at least had to get into his bed. If she couldn’t even manage that, she would have no ground to make any kind of request.

Coco hesitated for a moment before leaving, eventually turning around and speaking in a soft voice that even she herself could barely hear, “Sir, could you also… raise the allowance for my father? Just a little bit will do.”

The butler sighed, “Your family already receives thrice the allowance of a normal branch, and the sole reason for that is Young Master choosing you as his partner. I suggest you urge Sir Pierre to stop comparing luxuries with barons whose families have centuries of history. As for Mr. Cencil… There’s no need to consider him for the time being.”

Coco was rendered speechless, withdrawing quietly. Although her father was a two-rune knight, because he had never been to a true battlefield he remained stuck at level 10. Even inherited titles depended greatly on age and experience; if Coco and her siblings could not establish any definite achievements, they might not even be able to take over his fief.

Her father had served a dull, monotonous life in Blackrose for dozens of years. However, the knighthood was more than just recompense for his service. He had once been responsible and diligent, but as he approached the twilight of his life he was starting to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle for unknown reasons. It was as though he wanted to make up for everything he had lost in the first half of his life. That was how the pillar of their family had changed to Coco.

The girl in question quietly proceeded to Richard’s bedroom in preparation for his return. However, Richard didn’t return to his room even after she fell asleep waiting. The light in Gaton’s study was lit all the while.

Back in the study, Richard was finally done with the plan to maximise the coming year’s profits. It was an ideal state that assumed excess supply, making it absolutely impossible to achieve, but it was meant to be a standard to compare himself to. It would allow him to judge the cost every action he took levied on his profits, what Blackgold termed opportunity cost.

Finished with an enormous amount of calculations, he felt a little tired. He sighed lightly as he rubbed his aching forehead, about to go get some rest.

However, it was at that moment that he felt a cool night breeze in the room. The door to the study was opened silently, and two figures walked in one after the other.

Only Fuschia and the old steward were allowed to enter this floor at any time, and either of them would have knocked before they entered. Richard grew absolutely rigid, not daring to make the slightest of movements as a pair of shadows appeared on the floor. An extremely threatening aura buffeted him in the face, threatening him of a violent end if he so much as twitched.

Richard felt enormous pressure the moment these two entered, as though an entire mountain range had come crashing down on his back. It made him want to activate Blaze subconsciously, but the stinging pain on his skin made him repress his bloodline. Whoever had just entered far surpassed him in power; if they wanted him dead, there would be nothing he could do to stop it.

It was at that moment that, separated by his clothes, Richard felt the existence of the crystal plate on his body. The feeling served fantastically to calm down his heart. No matter what happened, was this piece of destiny crystal not on him? Perhaps it really could reverse his fate.

He thus lifted his head and looked towards the two unfamiliar guests, a pair of man and woman.

The lady looked very young and beautiful, with short hair only an inch below her head that fluttered softly despite a lack of wind. Her eyes were glowing, to the extent that it was hard to even notice her eyeballs beyond her bottomless pupils. The gaze was extremely keen, sharper even than a sword. Richard felt his heart stop for a moment when his eyes met hers.

This was a murderous aura, an indescribably powerful killing intent! Although there was no doubt that the other party had no ill intentions towards him, he could still feel a bitter cold all around him. It was like approaching a sharp weapon that had drunk the blood of countless foes. Even though it was not pointed at oneself, one could almost feel the sharp edge piercing their skin.

Richard could scarcely imagine what kind of murderous aura one needed to freeze his heart. More importantly, what sort of experiences allowed this woman to possess it?!

Although he could tell she was roughly around level 18 at first glance, he knew by instinct that her power was inconceivable. In her case, her level meant nothing!

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