Book 3, Chapter 32


Richard cast a deep glance towards Ferdinand once more, immediately feeling some pain in his eyes. His heart skipped a beat; only after he reached level 12 on Faelor could he figure out how powerful others were.

However, Richard did not know that it was actually quite easy for Ferdinand to advance to the legendary realm. He only needed Ferlyn to invest some divine grace in him; after all, he was her guardian.

Turning to the members of the clergy, Richard asked what circumstances could destroy a planar portal and eliminate a plane’s registration from the Church. Jacqueline mentioned many situations for the former: a powerful wave of spacetime turbulence could destroy weaker portals, so the materials used in the construction were extremely important. However, nobody had an endless supply of resources; they needed to balance durability and cost.

As for the serial number of the plane disappearing, she mentioned that it had only occurred twice in the past. One was the complete destruction of the plane, while the other was if the owner of the plane gave it up. However, one could only give a plane up if it was almost completely barren with no value, or the Church of the Eternal Dragon would not allow it. As for the disappearance of the Rosie plane, it did not fall under either of the situations and she couldn’t think of another way either. Perhaps the true answer could only be obtained by seeking out the Mensas.

Richard pondered over things for a moment before speaking, “Alright, I understand. Now, I have two requests of the Church. One, I want to set up the portal to Faelor in the Church, perhaps even in this hall, for one year. Also, I want to apply for some paladins to help me guard island 7-2.”

Jacqueline and Noelene discussed things softly for a while before glancing at Flowsand and speaking up, “We shouldn’t accept either of those, the Church of the Eternal Dragon does not interfere in mortal struggles. However, you once performed a ceremony that surpassed a greater sacrifice, and caused remarkable growth in Flowsand and the Book of Time. We can make an exception for you, allowing you to obtain the Church’s help at the cost of offerings.

“For your first request, we will use time as the standard unit. A lesser offering of adequate value for six months, or an intermediate offering for one year. One year is also the maximum amount of time for which we shall guard island 7-2. Because this island was recently blessed by the Eternal Dragon, any attacks within the year can be considered disrespect to the Church. As for the specific plan for defence, you can ask Lord Ferdinand.”

Ferdinand then took over, “I can give you fifty paladins, stationing them on the island. However, my knights only guarantee that the island will not be invaded by other families. I will not interfere in the internal strife of the Archerons.”

Richard frowned, “50 seems a little inadequate.”

Ferdinand smiled in response, “We can add more. Every additional fifty will cost a lesser sacrifice.”

Richard’s eyebrows wrinkled even further as he quieted down, silently thinking and making calculations. He did not shy away from the process of pondering over the issue, something that caused the priests and the near-legendary guardian to secretly nod. There was no such thing as too cautious when dealing with three lesser sacrifices.

Ten entire minutes passed, Richard’s expression growing wanner as he thought things over. There were far too many things to consider; even with the blessing of wisdom, he took a long time to come to a conclusion, “Alright. Fifty paladins it is, then. One year.”

Ferdinand nodded with approval, asking with a smile, “Alright, what about the sacrifices?”

“I wonder if these things can substitute?” Richard put the two drawers of enchanted cloudiron in front of them. Noelene was a master appraiser herself; she took out a piece of the cloudiron and looked at it carefully, “Hmm… Enchanted cloudiron, exceptional quality. These things are worth two lesser sacrifices, but it still isn’t enough.”

There was no fixed conversion rate between gold and offerings. The value of an offering fluctuated between thirty and seventy thousand gold coins each. Noelene was willing to consider these stacks of cloudiron to be worth 50,000 each, a reasonable price.

Richard thought for a while and agreed, “I plan to host a rune convention in two days. Some of my runes will be sold at that time, and I should be able to return what I owe then.”

Jacqueline smiled, “A future saint runemaster’s promise is far more valuable than some gold. It’s alright, we can wait.”

Priestess Noelene, who had been silent nearly all this while, suddenly spoke up, “Richard, can you push your convention back by a day?”

“Why?” One day didn’t seem to make for too much of a difference, but Richard sensed another meaning in her words.

“You Archerons have been in quite a bit of trouble recently,” the priestess said indifferently, “I think I can find a few supporters to let you conduct it smoothly in three days. More importantly, the royal runemaster Lunor is releasing his new runes in three days as well. I hear that the royal family is thinking of hiring another royal runemaster. If you can shine brightly enough at the time, you might be chosen for the position. I’m sure I don’t need to explain what that status will bring you.”

Richard thought silently for a moment before saying resolutely, “Alright!”

The fast and easy agreement left Noelene a little curious, “Are you not afraid of offending Lunor?”

All Richard could see at this time was the Deepblue Aria, a dazzling mystery that seemed far beyond his reach. Hearing Noelene’s question, he let out a light sigh, “He’s someone I will ultimately surpass, it’s only a matter of time. Besides, don’t you want to pit me against him? This should be a prerequisite to becoming a royal runemaster.”

Noelene’s eyes sparkled and she smiled, “You’re very smart! I look forward to your performance.”

A short while later, Richard left the Church of the Eternal Dragon under the escort of two paladins, walking towards the teleportation temple. Just as they left the church building and stepped on the road leading to the temple, a few youths dressed in bright, luxurious clothing walked in his direction with dozens of high-ranking guards.

Just as they brushed past each other, one of them noticed Richard and suddenly gasped in surprise, “Isn’t this Richard Archeron?! He’s back from another plane?”

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