Book 3, Chapter 29


Hundreds of branch family members had gathered together, intent on entering the castle’s warehouse. The old steward hastened over to stop them in front of the gate, righteously berating those who wanted to cause a scene. However, his solemn face hid endless worry.

There was only one thing he was concerned about; the difference in numbers was far too large!

Standing opposite the hundreds of troublemakers were only twenty of Gaton’s personal guard. Many of these guards had been chosen from the branch families as well; if not for the sake of expanding his influence, the old steward would never have brought them out. With them being the kin of these opponents, nobody could predict how they would act.

“What are you trying to do? This is Lord Gaton’s personal warehouse, anyone who dares to intrude is rebelling!” The man’s voice was still stern, but that had already lost its effects.

“Rebelling?” Erwin stood out, raising the list of offerings high in the air and yelling, “You’re just a servant, and in front of you are the Archerons! What right do you have to order us? Besides, you’re the actual rebel! The list of offerings is right here, offerings that belong to the Archeron Family. If you’re completely innocent, why won’t you let us in to check? With so many pairs of eyes around, who would dare do anything in the storeroom?”

Erwin let out a breath, his pitch going up an entire octave, “I think less than half of the offerings are left in the warehouse! The rest has been turned to gold that is lining this old bastard’s pocket! Lord Gaton trusted him so much… Now that he’s not around, how can we Archerons let him steal our Lord's most precious wealth? Don’t you all agree?”

A few hundred people shouted boisterously, their momentum unstoppable!

The old butler had not expected these people to be so roguish, for the situation to fall completely out of hand. Even more unnerving was the fact that the free Archerons that hastened over to protect the island of their own volition had not appeared at all. While there were few of them, each was a man of valour. They would be enough to terrify these little monkeys in front of him.

However, in the moment they were needed the most, none of them had appeared.

The old butler’s mind filled with gloom. Perhaps only the three great heads of the Archeron Family could control these free soldiers right now… But then, the appearance of any single one would change the situation completely.

The old steward did not respond to Erwin’s ‘interrogation’, only flashing a bitter smile as he stated slowly, “Do not forget Lord Gaton’s methods, and do not forget the number of lives he has reaped. The miracles my Lord can perform…”

*Thud!* Erwin suddenly charged forth, mercilessly punching the steward’s face. The steely fist sent blood splattering everywhere, the old man sent flying into the warehouse gates with a low groan. His nose was completely broken, one of his eyes swelling up rapidly until he couldn’t open it anymore.

*Schwing!* Gaton’s guards were caught unprepared, but they quickly unsheathed their weapons. However, they wavered when it came time to use them. After all, the people ahead really were members of the Archeron Family.

“We’re only guarding Lord Gaton’s wealth, the Archerons’ true wealth! All true Archerons, fight with us!” Erwin yelled once more, raising his arm. Hundreds of branch family members charged forth, pushing past Gaton’s guards into the storehouse. These guards were pushed all over the place, but were at a loss for what to do. Without orders from the old steward, they just couldn’t attack members of the family.

The steward himself was unable to give orders. Erwin’s expression was dark as he mercilessly kicked at the man’s ribs. Large amounts of blood spurted out of the butler’s mouth and nose with every kick, leaving him with no opportunity to speak at all. The knight was attacking viciously without any seeming intent to enter the warehouse, instead kicking the old butler like he had gone insane. It was only then that one of the guards realised something was off and darted over, full of bloodlust as he brandished his sword. This finally caused Erwin to stop. Still, he gave the guard a long, cold look that was filled with boundless hatred.

The guard helped the old man up, not cowering at all as his gaze at Erwin grew denser with bloodlust. He was a veteran with dozens of lives on his head and wouldn’t be scared by a mere knight in training. However, he knew the situation was currently out of control; their first priority was to save the old steward.

The guards escorted the steward away, leaving the branch families with what they wished for. However, things were not as expected. They did see numerous offerings, but there were no piles of gold. Outside of the offerings, weapons, and equipment, there was nothing in the warehouse. They just couldn’t believe that Gaton, who regularly went out to planar wars and always won, the man who had conquered one of Faust’s islands and possessed four planes, was actually so poor!

They quickly came to the same conclusion. Gaton had to have a secret warehouse, his wealth piled up like mountains! They had gone green with envy and wanted to loot everything, but it all seemed to be for naught!

“The upper levels!” Erwin shouted again, his hysterical voice overpowering all noise, “The upper levels of the castle are restricted! All of Gaton’s treasures must be hidden there, they belong to all of us Archerons!”

“To the upper levels!”

“Take what is ours!”

Cries rang out in quick succession, the bestial character of the Archeron bloodline exploding forth. Most of the bandits flowed like a river towards the upper level, while some were smart enough to leave the castle and keep the offerings they had already looted. Most of the people who got nothing charged up with bloodshot eyes.

“What do you think you’re doing? Is this a rebellion?” A clear berating voice immediately intimidated everyone.

In front of the stairs leading to the upper levels was a tall, graceful figure. This was Demi, a girl who was akin to burning flames; beautiful like fire. Her eyes were blazing, the staff in her hand glowing in preparation to launch a spell at any moment. Behind her were Wennington and Venica, the three blocking the path of the hundreds of crazed monkeys. While the monkeys could tear them to shreds in an instant, they showed no signs of giving way, no fear. Deep within each pair of eyes was boiling lava!

“A rebellion? Of course not! We just want to take what is ours!” a voice shouted. It was still Erwin.

“The upper levels are restricted to my father, Marquess Gaton. Anyone who dares cross the line will be killed without hesitation!” Demi spat out murderously.

Erwin stood out, his expression dark. He quickly made his way towards the three, all the while shouting, “Everything here belongs to the Archeron Family!”

“What are you? A tiny foot soldier and you call yourself an Archeron?” Demi stared coldly at Erwin, voice dripping with disdain. She suddenly shouted out, “True Archerons use their swords and scars, trading the blood of their enemies on true battlefields to prove themselves!”

These words caused many of the people who had charged over to freeze, looking hesitant.

But Erwin suddenly took a step forward, landing a fierce punch on Demi’s abdomen!

The girl hadn’t expected him to actually attack. The punch was very heavy, causing her innards to churn. As a cursemaster, her physique wasn’t exactly great. How could she withstand the full-power punch of a warrior?

Crimson blood flowed from the corners of her mouth, and she couldn’t help but crumble to the ground. She suddenly saw the cold glint of a dagger from the corner of her eye! Wracked with immense pain, Demi’s mind was moving slowly. Her battle instincts warned her of the danger, but she still couldn’t believe it.

A dagger? Why a dagger? Did these people plan on killing her, killing Gaton’s blood on his own island? Something so absurd was about to happen?

Erwin’s mind was filled with brutal thoughts of longing. Demi’s impressive breasts were practically squeezing out at her neckline, the girl’s amazing body causing his blood to surge downwards. All he wanted to do was to tear off her clothes then and there; in the past, he wouldn’t have been able to touch a single finger from her!

However, he pushed away these tempting thoughts and slid the dagger out of his sleeve. He knew full well how valuable the offerings in the warehouse were; what was the difference between robbing Gaton’s offerings and killing his children? He might as well eliminate everything completely! Besides, a single stab would tie everyone here to the same wagon!

‘It’s not just the Archeron children that have ambition!’ a voice yelled out deep in Erwin’s heart. His gaze turned icy, body filled with lightning strength. Wennington and Venica had never been on a true battlefield before, so their reactions were too slow. They still hadn’t figured out why Demi suddenly collapsed.

This was a chance! A chance that would disappear in a second! Fire blazed in Erwin’s chest as he prepared to thrust fiercely.

However, a hand suddenly stuck out from the side and pulled Demi who was about to collapse away. It was long and beautiful, the gauntlet and bracer that adorned it of the same style. Flame patterns clearly drew the outline of a crest, that of Earl Alice.

Erwin looked up, stunned, but all he saw was another hand rapidly moving towards his face.

*Pak!* An incomparably crisp slap rang out!

Erwin grew dizzy, his vision blurring. A ringing sound masked his hearing, and one of his cheeks quickly swelled up. However, he still managed to see the person in front of him, remembering her name and identity. A ‘You bitch!’ was swallowed, turning into a terrified but angry “YOU!”

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