Book 2, Chapter 208


“It should be possible. My mentor just made a breakthrough and finished a new piece that is unmatched. However, both creation and activation use up large amounts of magic crystals. The rune can only be used twice as well,” Richard said calmly.

Amon tried to suppress the excitement he was feeling, but he could not contain his emotions as he exclaimed repeatedly, “Unimaginable, unimaginable!”

Only equipment close to the calibre of a divine weapon could possibly raise the power of a saint by an entire level. If it could be used twice, this new rune by Richard’s mentor could be called a quasi-divine weapon. In a crucial moment, it granted the wearer two additional lives.

Having learnt of this, Amon couldn’t care less about Richard’s lengthy explanation that had a string of technical terms. Nor did he pay attention about the materials needed to activate it; no number of magic crystals was too much for a prospective divine weapon.

There could be a drastic difference in the power of two saints, even if they were both level 16. Various factors like equipment, skill, energy type, experience, and talent came into play, all affecting the outcome of a battle in some way or the other. Although the two saints of Red Cossack were only level 16, they had been born commoners who only advanced to their level through the endless flames of massacre. They were now known as battle maniacs who were no different from normal level 17 fighter. Rolf had lost more often than he won against them.

However, his chances of victory would be boosted to about 70-80% if his power could be boosted by an entire level. That would be enough. He could go all out as long as he was 70% sure of the outcome; someone able to become a saint would not lack even that amount of courage.

To Rolf, this wasn’t just a matter of defeating two opponents. It was the experience of wielding the power of someone a level higher than him, something that would be greatly beneficial to his own advancement in the future. Every level once one became a saint was extremely difficult to cross.

Amon immediately made up his mind, “Alright! If your rune really is that effective, I can promise you right away that Lord Rolf will become a resolute ally in your fight against Red Cossack!”

The interests involved in this matter were so major that it was no longer necessary to inform Rolf beforehand. Amon knew the saint swordsman extremely well, and that he would have no room for hesitation at all. He did not suspect the capabilities of Richard’s mentor either; he had always been paying attention to any news related to the youth, and although there were a lot of secrets the knowledge of the existence of runes was extremely handy. He managed to find out about Richard selling an entire batch to the Direwolf Duke through his channels, and if these things were beginning to show up en masse then the crafting style and quality had to be stabilising. Naturally, that meant more formidable products would follow.

Richard passed a list to Amon, “In that case, this is the list of materials needed to equip and activate the rune. Also, forgive me but some extra materials were added to keep things confidential. They’re roughly worth the cost of the basic components of the rune that I already have.”

The old man had no objection to this. Any mage would ask for more materials than they needed when manufacturing for someone else; that way, they could prevent others from figuring out how their artifacts were made.

“I hope to receive them in a week’s time. It will take about ten days or so to process, and Lord Rolf should need a few more days after that to get used to it. Time is tight.”

Looking through the numerous items on the list, Amon couldn’t help but inhale sharply, “The things on this list are worth 200,000 coins at minimum!”

“200,000 coins for two chances to defeat formidable opponents; it isn’t expensive at all. Gold can be earned again, but the opportunity to obtain great power does not come frequently.”

The old man nodded gravely. Richard was right; it was impossible to buy a chance to defeat a saint with even 2 million coins, forget 200,000. He scrutinised the list once more, “Time is rather tight, but I will make sure these materials are in your hands in five days. However, can the crafting time be reduced? The Red Cossack saints could be here any time.”

Richard shook his head, “I’ll be the one crafting the rune; ten days is already the lowest it can go. You should know my mentor took an entire two months to finish the basic components. Besides, even for it to be done in ten days there can be no flaw in the quality of the materials you give me. The higher the quality, the faster I finish.”

“In this case…” The old man creased his brows, hesitating a moment before speaking up, “I suggest you speak with Devon as well. The conflict between the Golden Warflag and Red Cossack is only growing, and that old fatty is always interested in anything that hurts them. However, it won’t be easy to convince him. If the Golden Warflag is willing to stand by our side, things will be a lot easier to handle. They have two saints themselves, and Lord Falcao will be able to rush over very quickly.”

Richard thought it over for a moment before replying, “Alright, I’ll go talk to him. I believe he will join our side.”

Only half an hour later, Richard met the large man in his dazzlingly furnished hall. Devon had fallen asleep a short while ago, and he did not seem too pleased with Richard interrupting his dreams. The only reason he had even gotten out of his warm and cozy bed was Richard’s dual identity as a runemaster’s disciple and a great mage.

He shifted himself onto the spacious sofa, letting out a huge yawn before he spoke, “Dear Richard, you must have some good news to make up for the precious sleep I lost.”

“Me, you, and Amon— what say we divide Red Cossack up?”

Richard’s voice wasn’t loud, but it caused Devon’s eyes to widen in an instant. The man’s enormous figure leapt up from the sofa immediately, and he pointed at Richard and began a little incoherently. “You… Y-you crazy! This is impossible!”

If it was someone else speaking such words, Devon would have thrown them out long ago. However, Richard was an extremely young great mage. Anything a great mage said ought to be taken seriously; they were people who combined talent, power, and wisdom in a single package. Their judgement was rarely wrong.

“You don’t have to pay a huge price. Just call Lord Falcao over to Bluewater to keep watch for a few days, and back me up with some soldiers or battle slaves.”

“Explain. In Detail.” Devon was already devoid of all sleepiness, gazing at Richard with bright eyes.

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