Book 2, Chapter 199


The box was separated into over ten small compartments, each containing an ore sample with a note attached stating the quantity. Bivier’s eyes lit up at the sight; being someone from the ore business in the first place, he did not need the information on the note to notice the quality. He didn’t immediately express an opinion, simply picking up each sample and carefully identifying it. He seemed so serious it was like he was playing with a lover’s breast.

Devon stretched out his fat hand, grabbing a piece of ore to fiddle about with as he spoke almost carelessly, “I heard that one of Red Cossack’s second-class caravans was robbed recently, and it was delivering various rare and precious ores.”

Richard knocked the box with a hand, saying with a gentle voice, “Aren’t they all here?”

“So it was you! You have guts!” Devon gave him a meaningful look.

Richard smiled in response, “When I first came to the Bloodstained Lands, a group of men under my command were essentially all killed by Red Cossack. I sent someone over to negotiate, and the response I got a few months ago was war. They sent thousands of horse bandits after my life. Pity; all they accomplished in the end was losing hundreds of their men. Since they started it first, it would be improper to refrain from a response.”

“Those fellows are all deadly criminals,” Devon stated.

“Deadly criminals, eh? Might as well make them dead,” Richard joked coldly with a light smile.

“This issue between you and Red Cossack… If it needed to come to an end,” Amon asked indifferently, “I mean if, how would you put an end to it?”

“Their offence is too grave,” Richard replied, “It won’t be that easy to forgive. The only way to end the hatred is if I see the head of the idiot who made the decision to come for my life.”

“It really is unwise to provoke you,” the old man said with a shrug.

Everyone here was experienced and could tell that Richard wasn’t just looking for revenge. His real aim in taking on Red Cossack was to establish his own power in the Bloodstained Lands.

“Then this batch of goods…” Richard looked around, waiting for everyone’s decision.

“If all this was shipped to the human kingdoms, it could sell for as much as 280,000 gold at market price. I don’t care why you didn’t send these things to the Sequoia Kingdom, but this is the Bloodstained Lands and these goods once belonged to Red Cossack. The highest price I can give is 40%, but the good thing is I can buy it all.”

Bivier’s price wasn’t bad, but Devon followed up with something better, “I can offer 50%. Anything to make Red Cossack suffer a loss.”

“Then it’s up to you.” Bivier would not offer a higher price.

Richard muttered to himself for a moment before speaking, “55%, but half that can be replaced with barbarian slaves.”

The Golden Warflag was just as big in the slave trade as Red Cossack. Richard’s suggestion wasn’t bad in Devon’s eyes: considering the profit he made off barbarians, he would end up paying less than 50% of the market price for the ores.

He gave Richard a deeply meaningful look, “Good! You don’t have to worry about the quality of the slaves, you’ll be able to see them tomorrow.”

70,000 gold coins. If Devon wanted to take care of Richard, he could get eighty strong, young barbarians. Barbarians were natural warriors; with the proper equipment their power would range from level 8-10. With these slaves added to his army, Richard’s power would rise again.

Once the transaction was completed, Richard and Amon agreed on a time for his visit to Rolf. The Sword Saint had gotten one of the two runes he had sold before and he clearly wanted more, so he had put aside a little of his pride to meet up with Richard.

With the business taken care of, Kellac asked about the battle at Twilight Castle. Everyone immediately showed an expression of great interest.

Sinclair and her bearguard knights had been completely annihilated in the battle of Twilight Castle, but the details were not known to many. The nobles of the Sequoia Kingdom would not pay much attention to a battle in a barony; many stranger things had happened in the Direwolf Duke’s lands. In the eyes of the great nobles, any intruder that could be eliminated by a baron was far too weak.

As for the defeat of the allied armies under Salwyn, it was clearly because they were far too useless. Baron Fontaine was a well-known commander and swordsman, having been undefeated for many years even as he grew his territory. With him even dying in battle here, people naturally attributed most of the credit to him.

However, those of the Bloodstained Lands only believed in power. They had first-hand experience of Sinclair’s power, having lost tens of thousands of lives and even saint-level powerhouses. They did not believe a word of the nobility, so only Richard who had personally experienced the battle could tell them the truth. Even if he hid some things, it would still be much more believable than the words of the nobles. Moreover, in the eyes of people like Kellac and Amon, just the tainted scrolls Richard had taken out previously meant he was most likely the key to Sinclair’s death and defeat.

Richard muttered to himself, rapidly analysing all sorts of possibilities in his mind before he spoke, “Truth be told, Sinclair was already seriously injured at the start of the battle…”

He recounted the events of the day, but made some ‘minor’ changes. Of course he wouldn’t mention the broodmother, and he left out many key details about his own men even as he weakened Sinclair through injuries. He also overstated Fontaine’s personal strength and the quality of his troops. Yet, despite all that, it took him ten whole minutes to describe the thrilling battle.

Everyone in the room held their breath. Those with power and a keen eye secretly tried to verify his words, but a lie painted by someone with the blessings of wisdom and truth could not be caught so easily.

A moment later, Kellac spoke up with a hoarse voice, “Mr Richard, I heard that there is a young and promising cleric by your side?”

“You mean Flowsand? Yes, she is devout and pure in her faith. Why, do you have an interest in her?” Richard answered. Already having a deep understanding of Faelor, he knew her identity as a cleric was the best cover for his identity as an invader.

“I was once a priest myself,” Kellac said slowly, “but that is a long time ago. I heard you needed mercenaries recently; the Demon Hunting Spears have many competent fighters. If you’re interested, we can find time for a private discussion later today.”

Richard was a little surprised. From what he knew, the Demon Hunting Spears had few members but every one was exceptionally strong. They rarely accepted employment, even more so to venture deep into the Bloodstained Lands. However, Kellac was clearly not talking about mere employment, but instead a deeper cooperation.

Without any reason to reject, Richard nodded in reply, “I would welcome that very much!”

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