Book 2, Chapter 77B


Flowsand immediately grew weak after she cast restoration. She knelt down, her upper body lying on his bedside. However, Richard had just healed from his injuries, and the baptism of the holy water had left him leaking cold sweat. At that moment, he didn’t even have the strength to sit up.

Both of these weakened bodies ended up leaning against each other.

Finally calming his breathing a little, Richard asked, “Flowsand, the holy water didn’t feel right.”

Flowsand nodded, answering lazily a few moments later, “What’s wrong with holy water that has divine power infused? It’s a little painful, I admit, but isn’t it very effective?”

“How is that a little?!” Richard didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He barely lifted his hand to comb through Flowsand’s hair, “Why do I feel the God of Valour’s power in it?”

“Well it’s holy water with divine power infused. Did I say it came from the Eternal Dragon?”

“Where did it come from, though? I don’t remember taking any from the church.” Richard was puzzled.

“Didn’t I take a lot of scrolls? I gained some understanding of Neian’s power, so I infused it into the holy water while I was modifying those scrolls. That way, I wouldn’t be wasting the extracted energy.”

Richard was taken aback, “You can steal divine power?”

“Isn’t that something normal?” Flowsand stated as a matter of fact, “It’s no big deal. Only the people of this plane think that the deities are omniscient, omnipotent, and cannot be deceived. It isn’t difficult to make use of the power of a lesser deity like Neian.

“Speaking of, there’s someone named Theodore who really excelled in this field. Not only could he steal divine power, he could even deceive gods themselves and intercept faith! Forget small fry like Neian, he managed to deceive the gods of a primary plane! Right, he’s been living in the Deepblue all these years. I remember you said you attended his class before.”

Richard was rendered speechless. Such words could come from anyone, but uttered by a priestess herself made him feel an indescribable sense of discomfort. Theodore had given him an impression of someone knowledgeable and somewhat dull; he hadn’t expected the man to be so remarkable as to intercept divine faith itself.

“Be careful to avoid his detection. We’re still in his territory, and aren’t ready to withstand divine punishment yet,” he warned seriously.

“Yes!” Flowsand nodded firmly, looking obedient and adorable. She didn’t seem one bit like someone who would dare to steal divine power.

“We need to stay here for a month longer, I have some matters to attend to. It might be faster, but a month at most,” Richard said.

Flowsand was a bit surprised, “Is it something important? I thought we were going to leave this place already!”

“Yes, very important!”

“How important?”

Richard lifted Flowsand’s chin, staring into her bottomless amber eyes, “Extremely. So important that if I succeed, you can prepare to resist.”

“I’m always ready,” Flowsand smiled.

Only after another entire day of rest could Richard move freely, and he headed straight for Waterflower’s room when he got out of bed. His soulguard had been moved to the largest room on this floor as per his instructions, with two adjacent rooms opened up completely to give her a huge space of more than 200 square metres.

It was already deep into the night, but Richard moved his worktable and tools into the young lady’s room. His table was filled with all sorts of magic materials.

The girl stood in the center of the room, looking like an ethereal spirit. There were no lights within, the only illumination being the rays of moonlight shining through the window. The moonlight reflected off her, making her look even more beautiful and unearthly.

Waterflower knew that Richard was crafting runes for her, and it filled her with a strong sense of anticipation and some nervousness. Richard took a deep breath and let it out, calming himself down before hinting for the young lady to remove her clothes.

Waterflower was stunned by the request, hesitant to complete it. She seemed to think of something quite quickly, however, beginning to remove all her clothes to stand before him fully naked.

This was a near-perfect body. Her smooth skin was unblemished, the two average breasts perky and her legs slender and long. Unlike Flowsand, Waterflower’s body was filled with a sense of strength. However, it also seemed illusionary as though enveloped in layers of mist.

Scanning over her with a spell, Richard walked up to Waterflower and circled around her. He closely observed every inch of her skin as close as possible, muttering to himself, “This is truly a work of god, it’s supreme art! It seems like the concept will work out…”

At that moment, Richard was completely immersed in the wonderful world of runes and magic. He didn’t notice the young lady’s breathing growing more rapid, nor her body trembling slightly. At that moment, every part of this perfect body was radiating a magical light: her carrying capacity was so great that he would go crazy! Although Waterflower hadn’t unlocked anything else from her bloodline upon reaching level 10, her rune capacity had increased. She was now on par with Flowsand in that regard! In Richard’s eyes, Waterflower was the ideal rune knight that any runemaster could only dream of.

By this point he’d made it behind her, half-squatting with his face less than ten centimetres away from her body. His gaze slowly moved down, tracing the curve of her butt. This beautiful line fit perfectly with the idea for a rune that he had in his mind. He was engulfed in happiness for a moment, and couldn’t help stretching out to touch that perfect skin.

However, the girl’s body heated up the moment his fingertips made contact. It seemed as though an intense flame had been ignited within her body.

Originally lost in the world of runes, Richard suddenly felt his heart clench. Before his body could respond the world was turned upside down, shaking hard. A loud bang sounded out as various lights flashed in his vision. All his internal organs seemed to be displaced, the pain from the severe impact excruciating.

However, things were not over. He felt a sharp pain in his rear, and in that moment he could see Waterflower killing him. “STOP!” he screamed.

At that moment, the girl was already pressing down on his back with one hand, the other trained against his butt in preparation to strike. It wouldn’t matter even if there were no steel spikes in the Archeron death camps, because her hands were actually even more powerful. There was more than one fellow who had his intestines ripped out by her hand.

With the loud exclamation, Waterflower awoke from her shock. Her mind being blank before, she’d moved on instinct and only now did she realise what she had done. She immediately pulled back at the speed of lightning, her entire person silently retreating a few metres. She stood straight, staring down at an area ten centimetres in front of her feet. She looked so well-behaved it was as if nothing had happened just now.

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