Book 2, Chapter 49


At over 2.5 metres tall, these black knights were tall and built like beasts. Their warhorses were much larger than normal as well: even at their height the knights were barely taller than their mounts. The hundred kilo greatswords and large halberds seemed weightless in their hands, as they swept through their opponents like whirlwinds without using the tips much at all. Every time one of their weapons touched something, it was completely decimated.

When two old mages stepped out of the portal, the situation began to change. The moment they saw the situation, they instantly cast Acid Fog. What’s more, the spells didn’t avoid the black knights at all!

Once the spells were cast, the sky was filled with large clouds of yellowish green mist that enveloped almost half the battlefield. Screams rang out when it made contact with skin, and blisters started forming on all the enemies.

The paladins roared out to bolster morale, trying their hardest to repel the acid fog with their energy. But ordinary soldiers, even those at level 6 or 7, did not possess the ability to do so. Bone-crushing pain begot cries of agony, sending the soldiers into disarray. Burnt by the acidic air, their eyes turned completely red. It stung so hard that they couldn’t possibly open their eyes.

On the other hand, the black knights glowed with energy as they nonchalantly forged past the mist. Their weapons left behind a rain of blood and flesh, while even their horses charged ahead without being affected at all.

The area within the fog experienced a massacre. The priests in the distance were enraged, stomping their sceptres into the ground with full force as they cast a curse. Divine light shot out of their fingertips, exploding into a blinding sphere of light at the destinations. The divine power brought forth a violent gust of wind that scattered most of the fog, but in that short period of time ten knights and two paladins had been hacked to death. And even though the mist was blown away, those already tainted by the corrosion continued to suffer.

The clerics grew increasingly busy as they continued to heal even as they purified the air, spells constantly shooting out of their hands. Alas, the battle seemed increasingly hopeless.

The portal suddenly stopped for a few seconds, a strong ray of light seemingly bursting forth with a fog that was black as ink. The fog tossed and tumbled, and a few ferocious roars sounded out from within.

The fog finally dissipated to reveal a female knight up in the air, riding a large black beast. She gently patted the creature on its neck, and it immediately stretched out and floated down to the ground.

Only once it landed would people realise how large this beast truly was. It resembled a lion, with long sharp teeth protruding from its upper lips. Its mane flew majestically even without any wind, making it look incredibly mighty. Stood upright it was even taller than the black knights, but its stance was unimaginably graceful. Black armour extended all along its back to its tail, the tip of which was like a scorpion’s sting.

The knight atop the beast would be considered petite by human standards, and atop a creature of its size she seemed like a little doll. She was dressed in black armour and cloak, with her eyes and hair being of the same colour as well. She blended in perfectly with the knights and beast, but the style of her armour was quite unknown. Its defence and any other capabilities were unknown, but the design was even more revealing than that of Blood Paladin Senma. Outside of the gauntlets and boots, the armour covered even less than just underwear would. Outside of her breasts and three strategic thin leaves at the abdomen, she was almost naked.

The woman had a lethargic expression on her face, as if she’d been woken from an intoxicating dream. She had a hand on the beast’s mane, while the other was clenched into a tiny fist that she pressed against her lips as she let out a few lazy yawns. She opened seemingly perplexed eyes to study the surrounding area, immediately kicking the beast in the thigh to have it crouch.

“What’s going on?” Her voice was extremely gentle, so tender it was like she’d been woken up early in the morning with her lover beside her.

The black knight standing beside the beast’s landing spot hadn’t joined the battle, instead assuming a guarding stance the moment the dark fog exited the portal. He was a head taller than the rest of the knights on the battlefield, his strength and imposing aura more powerful than the rest. It was plain to see that he was their leader. “It’s the natives of this plane, my Lady. They had an ambush set up outside the portal, I guess they wanted to destroy all of us at once. It’s a pity that their abilities are so weak. Please wait a little longer, we’ll eliminate these plebeians who don’t know what’s good for them at once!”

“An ambush by the natives? That’s really a surprise!” The knight completely opened her seductive eyes, studying the surroundings before finally resting her gaze on the group of priests not far away. She narrowed her eyes slightly, “Level 15 priests? It looks like the ambush was well thought out, what determination! But… do they really think level means everything?”

“Rest assured, my Lady. I’ll go and behead all of them right now!” the leader solemnly promised.

The knight let out a sweet smile, “How could I wait that long?” She jumped into the air the moment she was done speaking, twisting herself behind her cloak before disappearing completely.

She appeared in the midst of the priests in the blink of an eye, as if the several hundred metres between them were non-existent. The knight poked her tiny head out from behind the cloak, charmingly and gently sticking to a priest’s body. She wrapped her left hand around his shoulder, boldly reaching into the neckline of his robes to gently touch his chest. A dagger that was black as ink inexplicably appeared in her right hand, and she pierced his throat with hardly any effort. The extremely sharp edge of the blade immediately cut into half of the priest’s neck before it was quietly withdrawn.

Everything had happened so fast. The priest hadn’t even realised anything, casting one last spell before feeling something wrong with his neck. That was the exact moment that fresh blood started spurting out, and as he struggled to keep from falling eight of his kin had experienced the same fate. Blood either spurted out of their necks, or there was an eye-catching red scar on their neckline.

The high-ranking priest at the centre sensed something amiss, sweeping his gaze all around as he raised both hands at the same time. A holy barrier that seemed to be liquid shot out of his hands, covering his entire body. Half a second later, the Wall of Valour would be complete. Only a warrior above level 15 would be able to break it once done, and even such a warrior would have to use their full power.

However, a split second from completing the spell, the old priest’s body suddenly trembled. The mana he had condensed withered, scattering away as his spell failed.

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