Book 2, Chapter 38


Forza’s army made it all the way to Joven without incident, making the knight leading them feel like the journey was unusually smooth. He didn’t know that the raptor fleeing into the night had made Richard well aware of his route, and that the mage had no plans to ambush him. There were more pressing goals than the 500 warriors.

At that very moment, Richard was standing at the top of a small hill that overlooked a flourishing city. With a population of over ten thousand, it could be called a large city even in Norland. With the fertility of this plane and humans being in a dominant position, the plane had more of an urban population than Norland itself.

There were about 500 more soldiers guarding the city, led by a titled knight. However, these soldiers were mostly level 1 or 2, comparable to ordinary men who were blessed with natural strength.

He marked the positions the raptor had sent back on a map, making a line that roughly led towards Joven. Rough calculations told him that the Baron’s army would require about two hours to reach Joven.

He then turned back to face the people resting in various positions on the hill, proclaiming, “We will rest for another hour. After that, be prepared to strike immediately!” Even if the five hundred soldiers were quite mediocre, they could still be a threat on their home ground in the heat of battle.

Olar whistled, “My lord, please be gentle with any beautiful girls. Try to keep them alive!” The elf’s words drew a knowing smile from the men in the group, while Flowsand and Waterflower remained expressionless as if they’d heard nothing.

Richard smiled, ignoring the elf’s idle talk. He instead concentrated his mind on giving the raptors orders, having them return from their patrols. This was what had allowed him to know the army’s position when they left camp, and by the same link the raptors could find him as well. Already comparable to level 6 warriors, the darkness and chaos would make their bestial senses useful, increasing their effectiveness in the upcoming battle.

Half an hour later, all the raptors were back at Richard’s side. The broodmother had sent some information back as well— the bears had been destroyed.

Richard was startled for a moment. It had six raptors assisting it, so taking this long to take out a single nest was questionable. The broodmother alone could take down those equivalent to knights already.

However, now was not the time to ponder. It was ten in the night, the scheduled time to attack. A majority of the people in the port city were already fast asleep, and all the people who were out to make merry were more or less drunk. There wouldn’t be more than fifty guards on patrol, with the rest back at camp or at home, resting.

Richard waved his hand, and the party began to sneakily advance towards the port. The city had strengthened its defences given the circumstances, but in Richard’s point of view it was still like they had no defences at all.

Medium Rare was hidden under a section of the wall, sending the elf and three knights over the top. The walls were only five metres tall, so the ogre could just raise his arms to send a person on top. In fact, Waterflower and Gangdor had caught on to the edge in one leap before vaulting over, while Richard just cast a floating spell and made his way directly up the side.

A hundred metres away, a squad of soldiers was lazily patrolling the city wall. Richard swiftly motioned forward, and Waterflower immediately rushed over with the Shepherd of Eternal Rest in hand. Her bare white feet made no sound against the floor as she disappeared into the shadows like a ghost.

The patrolling guards had been focused on the streets, with almost nobody looking at the tall walls. Waterflower had stuck to the walls as she charged across the dozens of metres separating them, and by the time the two leading the team looked at her she was already speeding past them. They couldn’t even make a sound before her blade had sent five heads flying into the sky.

Richard’s pupils contracted as he looked at the spurt of fresh blood, and the smell of death increased in the air. He took large strides towards the city gates, with Olar, Gangdor, and the knights rushing forth before him. But the young lady had already rushed out from another guard tower nearby, stalking another team of guards. The sword softly hissed in the air a few times, and she walked back without incident. Once the few drops of blood fell off the tip of her blade, one would notice nothing but her beautiful, well-defined face. None would realise what she had just done.

Gangdor begrudgingly slowed down, there was no use of him rushing over when Waterflower had taken care of everything on her own. The big axe in his hand seemed destined not to see action for a while. Olar and the infantry, in the meanwhile, went down the city walls to move the obstacles out of the way before they opened the gates.

The ogres brought the warhorses to the city gate, while the raptors followed quietly behind. Richard and the others mounted, facing the wide passage that led to the city that housed the grand church to the God of Valour. 

The first thing someone new to this city would notice was the magnificent church. Atop the church building was a large axe, held by a hand that faced the sky. On top of that was a lighted torch, burning with passion. This was Richard’s goal for tonight.

The Baron’s territory was in its most vulnerable state, and the standing army had all been sent away. Mobilising them again would require half a day of work, and there were only four powerful knights left in the land that were all in Forza’s castle. No matter what happened in the port itself, the Baron would likely keep his own safety in mind and not deploy the two that were guarding him.

And thus, the only resistance Richard would face were two knights, Priest Essien and two more priests around level 8, thirty paladins, less than a hundred squires, and a few hundred militia. He’d done his best to disperse the Baron’s forces, causing massive casualties in the port. He had to make full use of the destruction— it would be hard to get another such chance in the future. If he continued to put things off, more powerful enemies would converge on him.

Looking at the distant church with the nameless sword in his hand, Richard suddenly felt a burning sensation from his chest. This would be his first major assault against a powerful enemy.

“Attention! Our target this time is the Church of Valour. Let’s make quick work of it, charge!”

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