Book 2, Chapter 35


Flowsand nodded, stretching her hand out towards Richard. She pointed first at him and then at herself, divine energy flowing into their bodies that froze the external forces around them. As long as they remained silent, they could now avoid the detection of even the most seasoned of scouts.

She then cast a spell that allowed them to blend in with the nature, something akin to what was used by the druids who worshipped the Goddess of the Forest. Any organism under the effects of this spell would blend into the woods perfectly. Even if they touched the trees and leaves, the result would just sound like the wind or any other natural noise.

Flowsand had casually displayed something special about herself, but Richard noticed nothing strange. He didn’t have experience with the priestesses of the Eternal Dragon.

The two became one with the dark forest, stealthily heading in Olar’s direction. With the magical contract in place, the elven bard couldn’t hide his position from Richard’ mind. He’d been in the same part of the forest for a few minutes now.

Richard had felt that was strange at the beginning, but then he had a hunch that something may be happening that made him hesitant about getting any closer. However, Flowsand would bump into him whenever he slowed down, her faint breath blowing onto his neck. She would gently push against his back, urging him to go further. The priestess couldn’t feel the movements of the elf.

As they closed in on the foot of a hill, the night wind was really strong. The wind whistled loudly past the forest, covering any other noise. However, Richard felt like the atmosphere had changed, growing increasingly ambiguous. The physical contact with Flowsand was growing ever more distinct, and thoughts of her body started to appear in his mind. He tried controlling himself, but it was to no avail.

The elven bard didn’t venture quite far into the forest, so the two managed to catch up very quickly. There were a few other strange sounds apart from the wind now, the voices of Olar and someone else. Richard slowly lowered the dense bush and branches in front of him, looking ahead. 

Ten metres away, the elf was holding tightly onto a woman as he fiercely rammed into her body again and again. At the same time, he was using his melodious voice to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. The woman had her back against a tree, her arms wrapped around the bard’s neck while her legs held tightly to his waist. Outside of what the tree supported, all of her weight was on Olar.

She was in pure ecstasy, each moan louder than the last. The elf reminded her to keep her volume down, so she buried her head into his collar and proceeded to bite his shoulder. Muffled noises escaped her throat, making it seem like she was crying and in great pleasure at the same time.

This aroused the elf further, and his thrusts increased in intensity until the woman’s body began to spasm violently. Under the night sky, her dazzling white legs repeatedly coiled and twisted. 

“Damn!” Richard cursed softly. He would never have expected to see such a thing. If this were any other day, he would not have minded admiring such sights for a while, but now that Flowsand was behind him, how would he have the cheek to watch on? Flowsand’s presence wouldn’t let him watch on in peace, and he was starting to feel some uncontrollable reactions.

The worst thing was that Flowsand put her entire weight onto his back, leaning over his shoulders just enough to watch the frantic display.

“Olar and… Ah, the knight’s mistress… What are they doing…? Oh, I understand now.” The hoarse voice sounding next to his ear made it even harder for Richard to control himself, and he was on the verge of crumbling.

The elf continued its battle with the woman’s flesh with a rigorous degree that was unimaginable. It appeared that his strength vastly exceeded its handsome exterior.

Richard had had enough. He could no longer fight against both his sexual urges and what was happening in front of him, so he got ready to stand up and shout for the elf to stop. It would be easy enough to find a reason for that— liberties couldn’t be taken with the prisoners, at least not by the elf.

Flowsand seemed to have sensed what Richard was about to do, so she used her weight to pin him down, saying gently, “Don’t move. Let us continue to watch, I’ve never seen something like this before.”

Richard couldn’t control his urges any longer, his manhood reaching its limit. He turned his hand over with an angry cry, grabbing Flowsand’s breasts and groping them hard.

In response, the priestess only grunted out an affirmative.

The elf and woman were gyrating vigorously, reaching orgasm. However, they seemed to stay there for an especially long time. It looked like the bard wasn’t just naturally gifted; he’d gone through rigorous special training to be so effective in ‘combat.’

In this amorous moment, Richard felt especially exhausted instead. It took a long time for the bard to stop, and by then the woman had grown limp as mud, softly hanging onto him. They quickly put their clothes on, leaving in a hurry. Olar continued his sweet nothings along the way, making promises in his singsong voice. Whether he would make good on them was anyone’s guess.

Richard and Flowsand remained in position, not moving an inch. The bard was done with play, and he’d returned to reality. He was a good scout, and it would be awkward if they were discovered. Since Richard hadn’t stepped out to stop them earlier, it would be even more inappropriate to be found out now.

Once Olar had left, there was a renewed calm in the forest. Richard suddenly grabbed Flowsand and pinned her to the ground, grabbing her robes at the collar and pulling them down to her waist in one forceful motion. This exposed her amber nipples, further enhancing Richard’s lust.

Flowsand looked at the youth who was grinding his teeth, gently squeezing his arm as she whispered, “Ravage me, and there is no turning back. Think before you act.”

“What is that supposed to mean? Are you telling me that the priestesses of the Eternal Dragon need to remain pure?” Richard asked. The small, cold hand rested on his own, sending his blood surging violently throughout his body.

“No, there is no such thing. However, I can tell you confidently that starting a sexual relationship with me is going to be very troublesome, more than you could ever imagine. At the same time, I myself am a very troublesome person as well, if you treat me as just a woman. But treat me as a priestess, a reliable companion, and you will not be disappointed or burdened. On the contrary, I can help you solve a lot of issues.” Flowsand rarely spoke this much.

Richard seemed undeterred by her speech, ripping her robes off completely to show her naked legs. He then positioned himself before speaking, “You’re clearly trying to provoke me. I’m not someone who fears trouble, and if I want to prove that my only option here is to eat you up. I don’t know if we’ll ever make it back to Norland, so there is no need for me to consider issues of the future.”

Flowsand gently said, “We may die tomorrow anyway, so let’s just have some fun before we do? Is that it? You can drop the gentlemanly act now!”

Flowsand’s words were like a cold shower over his head. Richard had been prepared to begin, but he ended up holding for a full minute as he thought over it.

He suddenly seemed to understand something, exclaiming, “I will survive, and I will bring you all back to Norland. One night before we head back, I’ll eat you up.”

Flowsand smiled faintly, speaking in a gentle voice, “Alright, then. I will resist when that time comes.”

This sentence caused Richard to tremble, and he almost couldn’t stop himself from penetrating her body.

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