Book 9, Chapter 146

To The End Of The World

Norland quickly entered an era of great changes, with the human territory being warped greatly. The Crimson Empire became a behemoth that far outstripped the other countries of the plane, the Archeron bloodline reaching a peak of existence while the silvermoon elves piqued the interest of any powerhouses proficient with bloodlines.

An army of night elves set off for the Land of Dusk, initially to take charge of the one fortress that the Crimson Empire was now responsible for. However, they were quickly amassing in number, and it was only a matter of time before they began their offensive. Once they set out, the fall of Daxdus would only be a matter of time.

Right around the time Richard returned to Norland, a young mage arrived at the Deepblue and asked to see him. The youth carried a letter from Mordred, claiming that sending him here was Mordred’s last act before truly merging with the will of Arbidis. This was the same youth that High Scholar Rhodey had thrown into the abyss all those years ago, and having...

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