Book 9, Chapter 142

The Second Miracle

"Sera? That’s a good name,” Richard felt his heart throb as he called his daughter’s name for the first time. Unlike Sharon she looked completely like a true primal celestial, and unlike either of her parents she possessed an aura of pure ice, but he could only write that off as destiny working its mysteries once more, “Did the machines outside come in?”

“Yes!” the girl nodded with a frown, “They used to come in many times a day, and it was so tiring to wipe them out! Now, there aren’t as many.”

He felt a whirlpool of emotions swirl through his heart. Even with the help of the astral screen and the lightning orbs, it would take more than legendary might to wipe out the reaper attacks. Beneath Sera’s tender appearance was power not befitting of her age, as well as hardship...

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