Book 9, Chapter 138

The End Of An Era

Mordred knelt down before the suit of armour in Richard’s hands, giving it a knight’s salute, “The abyss is the source of all demonkind. The Archeron Family hasn’t even been considered close to a strong bloodline in the abyss for ten thousand years, but after he died this was the only place that could revive him. Arbidis is the beginning of both hell and the abyss. Its master is the highest existence across both.”

Richard pursed his lips and listened.

“When Master died, I brought him here and offered him to the Eternal Battlefield for resurrection. We then came over and removed the previous abyssal king, giving him the position.” Mordred’s tone was casual, but behind each word was clearly a heavy story, “The fact that he became the abyssal king have Master’s...

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