Book 9, Chapter 135

Setting Off

Apeiron seemed surprised by the fact that Richard was actually asking her for help, but she quickly nodded, “I’ll try my best.”

Richard smiled, “I’ve gotten authority of island 1-1, and that came with a few secrets about Faust. This isn’t a city, but a lost warship from some ancient race. It has some powers that would be really useful when I return to Arbidis, so I want everyone in the city and on the islands to leave. I’ll activate it and head into the depths of the abyss.”

Apeiron had lost her calm and stood up in the middle of the explanation, but as she listened to the request she sat down, “I never would have thought… But do you really not need me?”

Richard shook his head, “This is a singular fight; if I can’t win, you won’t be able to help either. The Alliance needs someone to keep watch, there isn’t someone to take over if both of us fall in the alter world.”

Purple energy rolled around in her eyes as she stared at him, the struggle...

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