Book 9, Chapter 134

Ongoing Crusade

A month passed in the blink of an eye, and once his analysis was completed Richard left without a sound. Even the Archeron guards defending the plane were clueless throughout the process, and remained so even as he left. He followed up the Resting Orchid Plane with Goldflow Valley and the Boulder Highlands, as well as the personal planes of many other nobles in Norland. Having reached a point where no one in Norland could sense him, he passed through without attracting any attention.

He spent half a year combing through nearly a thousand different planes, even landing on three other battlefields of despair. Every time he redeemed countless souls, gaining renewed understanding of and familiarity with the foundational laws of order. The man who had blocked him in the depths of the abyss had already grasped everything Arbidis had to offer, and in this aspect the two were at most equal. For even the slightest advantage, the...

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