Book 9, Chapter 133

The Final Tour

While the combination of the Golden World Tree and broodmother could go a long way, blank souls were terrible for a species to advance. In order to address this issue, the two had built a system of faith with the assistance of the evernight elves. The Tree itself was their ultimate divinity, but Zealor acted as a god that would be a conduit for this faith. This cycle made for a source of power, and it also nourished the blank souls.

Zealor was extremely useful in this system; having been created with such care that the clone couldn’t even create any more special units, his soul was the most flawless amongst all the drones and special units either broodmother had made. His existence was the end point in the evolution of the night elves, forming a frame of reference that the others could strive towards. As a perfect soul, Zealor had no bottlenecks in the path of his evolution. His...

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