Book 9, Chapter 131

Flying Fortress

Richard had no need for the energy absorbing trees, while the Everlasting Rampart could not block the abyssal man’s sword. Only the endless energy core actually had any use for him, capable of creating a floating stronghold that he could use in the future. Once he made his choice, all of the timeforce he had accumulated faded back into light and returned to the mighty current of time. This stumped him; the complete skeleton was worth a rank 1 blessing and he had an entire fifty top-tier offerings that should have been equivalent to four rank 2s. However, the will of the Eternal Dragon had already departed, leaving him forced to accept this reality. Still, the old dragon had always been fair, which simply meant that this endless energy core was well beyond a rank 1 blessing.

The core was currently in a silver metal case, and he could...

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