Book 9, Chapter 130

Endless Energy Core

The news of the Azure Roar shocked everyone in Norland, resounding just as much as when Emperor Charles had slain Daramore or Philip had attacked the Fort of Dawn. This was a grand occasion for the entire plane; most people didn’t even know just what a grade 6 rune signified, but they had seen the power of Richard’s saint runes and Midren and had an inkling of what more powerful meant.

The reward point system of the Archerons had always been fair, the pricing accurate to the total value. Considering that, the Azure Roar at 50,000 points had to be at least five times as powerful as Midren’s battle edition. While the description was rather simplistic— it provided an increase to all attributes and added the flames of destruction to one’s attacks— the power of Richard’s blue flames that originated...

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