Book 9, Chapter 121


When Richard and Nanook returned to the courtyard with a cup of water, the home was entirely empty with only a small pile of grey ash where the old man had been sitting. He was so shocked that his hand trembled, almost spilling the water he’d brought. His gut told him that he knew this man very well, but even with the ability to recall his entire past he couldn’t tell who it was. He felt the laws of distortion tugging at his mind, covering the truth with chaos.

This was perhaps the only person who knew where Flowsand was! Looking at the pile of ashes, he realised that the millennia-long wait had thoroughly exhausted the Chosen’s energy. Now that contact had been made, it was impossible for the old man to maintain his existence any further.

Richard sighed. Even in the Darkness, no matter how strong someone was they would perish after not eating or drinking...

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