Book 9, Chapter 49

The Scent Of Destiny

“How many people are still alive?” Richard suddenly asked, staring down at the ruined city from his vantage point.

“Huh? Uhh… We aren’t sure. But there were eight million when the first wave attacked, and from the looks of it… Maybe two million are left,” Salwyn said after a few moments of surprise.

“Mm… This thing is pretty useful, it might help defend against the next wave too,” Richard said while playing around with the exploding orb, reminding the Emperor that even reinforcements would only help with one more assault. He continued, “I can trust you once more, for the sake of your citizens. You’ll get 2,000 humanoids and 300 night elves the day after tomorrow, prepare these things to be tied onto arrows for the elves, but you can use the humanoids however you want.”


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