Book 9, Chapter 45

For The First And The Last

A black cloud slowly formed on the horizon, zooming over to cover the sky as it floated steadily towards Faelor’s defences. Richard’s estimate of the number of reapers quickly entered the realm of five figures, and that number continued to grow. Despite his determination, he found himself glancing at Nasia who was beside him.

“Afraid?” a rare, gentle smile formed on Nasia’s mask.

“A little, yeah,” he admitted readily.

“So silly. What’s so scary about this? Even if everyone here died in battle, you would still turn all of these machines into scrap metal eventually.”

Richard smiled himself, albeit bitterly instead of with mockery, “I know, but I was hoping… Forget it, I understand.”

No one could live forever, and nothing in this world was perfectly predictable....

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