Book 8, Chapter 75

Outside The Battlefield

Once the spoils were discussed, the time arrived for Richard and Martin to part. Both of them stood on the divine platform and stared at each other; Martin had never allowed that platform to fade, while Richard never took off his armour either. One couldn’t see any expression behind the cold silver mask, but that was only because Richard wasn’t presenting any at all.

Martin was the first to speak, “Richard, wasn’t the original rune set on your body a full grade 4 set as well? With the battle edition of Midren on top… I’m curious, just what is your capacity? Shouldn’t the armour alone suck common legends dry?”

“You know a lot.”

“Eh, I definitely have some amount of understanding when it comes to Heaven’s Armour. Back in the years when Michael was first created, a dozen saint paladins died trying to command it. Even a legend suffered the same fate, which was how the set ended up becoming the property of the celestials. Not even the most pure-blooded members of the imperial family dared to try using it after that. But your set can actually suppress Michael, and I don’t believe in a free lunch.”

Richard laughed, “Want to try it on?”

“No, keep it to yourself! I still want to serve the Lord for a few more years!”

“Then don’t ask too many questions that don’t matter. I’m leaving,” Richard waved and started drawing a portal.

“The war’s already over, why aren’t you taking your armour off?” Martin asked as the space started to fluctuate.

Richard didn’t even look back, “If I take it off now, I’m afraid I can’t tell whether the war would start back up.”

“How could it?” Martin chuckled.

“Our alliance is too brittle to be tested.”

“Then at least tell me why your capacity is so high! I’ll die of curiosity!” Martin shouted as Richard disappeared into the portal.

“I have a strong body.”

Martin was stunned by the fading voice, taking a few seconds to process it before shouting angrily, “Strong my ass! Are you stronger than a half-beast?”

However, the holy child recalled how effortless it had been when Richard was knocking the paladins away one by one. He suddenly twitched, feeling like that assessment wasn’t wrong at all. He retreated to his 100,000 soldiers and hundreds of paladins, voice resonating through the sky, “We’re going back home.”

In that moment, he was the only voice in the Church of Light.


The war had indeed come to a close, but to some it was only the start of a nightmare. Steven and Minnie went straight towards Duke Solam’s lands after being released, but it was a long journey so they stopped multiple times along the way.

One hundred thousand men had collapsed so easily to Richard’s ambush! Resting in the inn, Steven simply couldn’t get over the loss. The terrifying might of the legendary mage hadn’t just scared his soldiers, but also himself. It filled him with regret; just why hadn’t he had the courage to fight to the death?

The warlock knew he was never a match for Richard, but that couldn’t be a reason for cowardice. A glorious death would have been much better than the situation he was in right now; he would be stripped of all power the moment he returned, and there were still dozens of nobles and generals alongside his entire army waiting to be ransomed off! The sheer cost of a top-tier offering left him shivering in his boots.

Steven also knew that his fear for Richard had been carved deep into the soul, the knowledge that he would never measure up draining him of energy the moment they crossed paths. It was rage-inducing, but he just couldn’t do anything about it.

Groaning in self-pity, the warlock threw his tired body onto the bed. The room they were in was simple and pathetic, even worse than those of his servants, but it wasn’t the time for pleasure right now; he needed to think up an explanation to his father.

Minnie was quietly tucked away in a corner, her thoughts unknown. She had barely spoken a word since they were released, and seeing her figure Steven suddenly sat up and glared at her coldly, “What are you thinking about?”

She flashed a forced smile, “Nothing, I’m just tired.”

*THWACK!* A resounding slap launched Minnie into the air, knocking her head against the wall. She screamed in pain, rolling around for a moment before she could pull herself up with difficulty. Her face quickly swelled up, and blood started dripping down her cheeks.

“You slut! Don’t think I don’t know your mind. You’re thinking about Richard, aren’t you, thinking about why you didn’t climb into his bed instead of mine! Am I wrong? Answer me, am I?!”

She choked out a bitter laugh, “Why would I? Don’t you know you’re the only one on my mind?”

Steven suddenly laughed like a maniac, “I do know! I know I’m worse than Richard in every way. My runes are shit compared to his, and Sharon actually likes him. He’s already a legend, an Excellency, but me? Where even am I? I was wiped clean by the Archerons with more than triple their numbers, and you only have me in mind? How can a piece of trash like me be worthy of you, beautiful Miss Minnie?”

He grabbed her by the neck, holding her up and staring into her eyes as he said through gritted teeth, “You really think I don’t know about you going to look for him when we left the Deepblue? You only followed me back because he didn’t give a shit about a slut like you!”

Minnie gasped, “H-How?”

“I was watching from the tunnel as you got chased out,” Steven’s voice suddenly went back to normal, volume low and tone almost gentle.

However, this only caused Minnie to start trembling, “I… I can explain!”

*THWACK!* “Explain? Alright, I’ll let you explain! Here! Explain!” Blood flew from her mouth and nose as Steven started slapping her repeatedly, the sound ringing throughout the inn with blood splattering everywhere. It was a gruesome sight.

A gentle knock sounded on the door as a maid called out from outside, “My Lord, are you alright? The other guests are complaining that they can’t sleep because of loud noises.”

Steven suddenly dropped Minnie down, rushing to the door and swinging it open. The maid screamed in fear at his bloody face, but he threw a huge pile of gold towards her, “Take these! If the bastards have any more complaints or just want to die, tell them to come to me directly! I’ll break their bones one by one!”

A few angry guests stuck their heads out at the commotion, but all of them shrunk back once they made eye contact with the warlock. He slammed the door in the maid’s face, and she immediately picked up all the gold before hurrying away. Just the thought of what was going on in that room made her shudder.

Back in the room, Steven kicked Minnie’s face so hard that hot blood vandalised the wall. A tooth even smacked into the wood before rolling away, the sight somehow calming him down. As he looked at the spasming Minnie on the ground, the girl not even possessing the strength to make a sound anymore, he suddenly felt a wave of arousal wash over him as his penis started to swell. He threw himself onto her and tore apart what little was still covering her body, slamming right into her with full strength.

He quickly started humping her like a boy having sex for the first time, cursing with every thrust, “Does it feel good, slut? Why aren’t you replying, didn’t you want to get fucked anyway? Why don’t you—”

Steven’s entire body suddenly froze amidst the rape, the warlock slowly lowering his head to find an exquisite dagger stabbed deep into his ribs. A massive influx of energy suddenly started ripping his internals apart.

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