Book 7, Chapter 185

Laws Of The Night

Despite Richard’s clear disgruntlement, Duane sighed in relief, “Alright. How about this? I’ll treat the two of you, let us get a drink together. One doesn’t get very many opportunities for a good drink in the legendary realm.”

Richard agreed, but Saunder just flew to his son’s side and picked him up before heading away. The subordinates who hadn’t managed to protect their quarry were naturally ignored. Not too long after, word got out that he had returned to Norland; the humiliation of having lost to a grand mage in a duel was too much for him to endure.

Richard shared the drink with Duane before returning to his room to meditate. The proposed solution had been a decent one, and a greater offering would more than make up for the damage to Dragon Valley from the battle. While he had dropped to the bottom of level 20 due...

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