Book 7, Chapter 183

Duel Between Legends

Nasia shrugged when Richard marked his territory, but the exchange left sweat pooling on Duane’s forehead. He had felt restless ever since her gaze had fallen upon him, but her aura was that of a fresh saint.

Saunder stared at Richard, “You really want to fight me?”

“Of course,” Richard smiled, “Don’t worry, though. My rune knights and followers won’t intervene.”

“You think I’m scared of them?!”

“Heh, You think you’d be talking if you weren’t? What happened to that lesson you wanted to teach me?” Richard’s expression suddenly darkened, his tone now freezing, “If you don’t have the balls to fight me, just scram!”

“Balls?” Saunder laughed, “Alright then. If I can’t even take care of a whelp who isn’t even legendary yet, I won’t be able to keep my head...

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