Book 7, Chapter 180


Nasia laughed at Richard’s confusion, “I was offering the thing to myself, why would I need an altar? I just have to convert and absorb it personally, that was just a surface to put it on. It also made it look a bit more grand and official. Anyway, here’s my new ability, take a good look! Don’t forget to keep searching for offerings and giving them to me.”

Before Richard could even respond, his mind was filled with a plethora of details about the evolution of War Fanatic. Just as she had stated before, it became War King and greatly raised the defence, strength, mana, and many other attributes of the target. Effectively, it was like gaining two or even more levels, although legends would only gain one. Of course, even that one level was mind-numbingly powerful. Even just the difference between level 21 and 22 was vast.

The reason the...

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