Book 7, Chapter 176

Entering The Shrine

The flickering candle on the desk slowly burnt down as Richard finished reading the last of the papal diaries. These shabby notebooks had recorded a bitter battle between two gods that had lasted hundreds of years.

Despite the constant warfare and threat from the legends of the plane, the pantheon of Norland was actually much more stable than the one in Faelor. The rapid expansion ensured that most people with great power wouldn’t even consider becoming a deity, and the gods in general performed their duties and stayed out of the way. The divine wars in Faelor were primal and miserable, with both sides doing whatever they could to achieve victory.

Having finished reading, Richard finally realised just why Runai hadn’t managed to get in over all this time. It seemed like the shrine was a self-controlled area, and the stronger the people sent in to die, the more powerful the attack...

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