Book 7, Chapter 175

Buried History(2)

The Lady of the night was one of the three gods who had succumbed to the invasion of the astral beasts, and also the strongest of them. Her divine domain was eventually taken over by Runai, who had then been the Goddess of Day. That was how Runai became the so-called goddess of time, but Richard had always been confused about one thing regarding the entire process; just how had Runai never become a full-fledged intermediate deity despite possessing two divine domains?

Even though calling herself the Goddess of Time was an exaggeration, Runai should still have been strong enough to become a greater deity directly with that fusion. It was impossible for Faelor to obtain a true deity of time— even for Norland, in fact— but that shouldn’t have mattered. This shrine seemed to hold the secrets behind that weakness.

This shrine seemed to be Runai’s reason for building her...

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