Book 7, Chapter 174

Buried History

The priests and mages on Richard’s side looked extremely pale, having exhausted all of their power in a short time. Had the three goddesses not moved their divine kingdoms to a spot right above this battle, the clergy would have given out long ago. Of course, the same was true for the other side.

Lying down for a bit longer, Richard slowly started summoning the green patches and flowers below him and recovered using the laws of life. He still couldn’t fight right away, but soon enough he wasn’t on the brink of death.

One of the Dukedom’s knights helped him up, taking a chance to look through the surroundings before letting out a soft sight. Silence washed over the vast battlefield as everyone looked at the lifeless bodies all over.

Of the 50,000 warriors on Runai’s side, more than 20,000 had died in the raging battle. Another 20,000 died in the lightning...

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