Book 7, Chapter 173

City of Death

Knowing that the strange energy was the curse from a blood sacrifice, Richard came up with a few ways to defend against it. Six barriers were put up in the moments before the second beam struck him, but the attack was unexpectedly dense and wiped out all of his defences before entering his body once more. His face went bright red as he spurted out some blood from his mouth.

A number of his knights immediately rushed to his aid, but the mass of blood shot straight towards them. The shadowspears lost their footing for a moment before continuing on, while the humans were instantly paralysed and fell to the ground, all fluid gushing out from their bodies as they dried out rapidly.

Richard cringed, “This is a sacrifice with more than a thousand people!”

Where could the city find so many sacrifices? The answer was obvious.

As another pillar of light shot out from the Divine Fort, all colour drained from...

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