Book 7, Chapter 170

Final Battle

One of the paladins suddenly pulled out a dagger, thrusting it into the back of the cardinal who was in the middle of a big fuss. The man’s cries were immediately stopped as he slowly turned around, staring at his killer with shock on his face.

Most churches in Faelor, Runai’s included, made it clear that a cardinal had status similar to a demigod. Attacking a cardinal in any circumstances would violate the dignity of the gods themselves. However, a mere paladin who had been escorting him to the frontlines had suddenly stabbed him! This man wasn’t even a battle priest!

The cardinal suddenly came to a realisation, turning towards the gate tower to meet the pope’s gaze. The old man’s expression was frosted over, making the source of this order clear.

How dare he? Sentencing a cardinal to death was in direct defiance of the divine canon! Before the...

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