Book 7, Chapter 168

Soldiers At The Gates

When the divine kingdoms of the three goddesses started to move, Richard and Gangdor were already a few dozen kilometres along their way. It took an entire afternoon and half a night at a brisk gallop for them to advance 200 kilometres, coming close to the cathedral before they set up camp. This was why he had chosen only the elites of the army; he wanted to ensure that they could move as quickly as possible.

In fact, the cavalry could have held out charging straight to the gates of the parish. Unfortunately, the mages and priests in the army weren’t nearly as durable. They needed time to rest and meditate, recovering their mana and divine force in preparation for battle.

Late in the night, Richard and Gangdor were patrolling the camping grounds to make sure everything was alright. This was a habit from back when Richard had commanded only a few hundred men, but he still liked doing such...

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