Book 7, Chapter 166

Please Be Patient

Under the gaze of the Five-Coloured Dragon, Bahamut immediately grew flustered, “Forgive me, Goddess. I believe the appearance of the Celestial Sage and Sharon necessitated the interruption. Sharon has already defeated me… she is a very dangerous opponent. When she returns, she will have had the time to research the laws of her plane, and no one will be able to stop her outside of you. Ruben is not known for his power, but he has enjoyed a great reputation for centuries; this is his second time here, and we have completely lost track of his whereabouts. The potential damage he can cause is just as great.”

“Sharon… Is that the child they call the Dragon Slaver?”


“I have only heard of her recently. Can you not even defeat a young girl?”

Bahamut lowered his head, “I had Kralkalor’s assistance at the battle near the portal to Faelor, but even so I could not stop her escape. She still captured five of our kin and killed seven others.”

The Five-Coloured...

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