Book 7, Chapter 164

The Dragons’ Troubles

All of the one-time random portals set up in Blackrose had already been used up; that was how eager the legends were to rush to the Dragon Plane. Richard hadn’t expected the rush at all, to the point that the large amount of magic materials he had stored in the castle were completely used up.

It had ended up in an awkward situation where there wasn’t enough to teleport everyone. Thankfully, the Celestial Sage had changed his mind last minute and decided to go through Faelor.

When Richard returned to Faelor, he received news that Ruben had already headed through the portal and was now in the Dragon Plane. The long-distance portal from Bluewater to Dragon Valley had yet to be completed, which meant the Celestial Sage had travelled over 10,000 kilometres in less than a day.

Oftentimes, speed...

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