Book 7, Chapter 163

Settling Things(2)

Venica tried to run to Lucian, but Alice’s blade was quickly unsheathed and blocked her path. The girl glared, “You dare to stop me? Do you know who I am? You’re just a bitch the family is taking care of, who gave you the right to act so arrogant? I’m the daughter of Gaton, sister of Richard; I have the blood of the family! Who do you think you are to stop me?”

Some of the young nobles present were quite close to Venica, and a few stood out to hoot in support of her. Those who weren’t as foolish recognised Alice and went quiet, watching as things progressed.

For her part, Alice didn’t grow enraged at the insults, “At least you know this is your only chance to save him. Tch, if only you could use that smarts where it mattered. Here, another order from His Grace. I was going to announce it after we returned, but I can just say it here.”

Handing over another letter, Alice amplified her voice,...

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