Book 7, Chapter 161

The Dragon’s Fairness

Seeing Richard grind his sole against Ryan’s face, Jacqueline picked up her staff and gripped it tightly, “Richard! You dare beat up a future Chosen of the Eternal Dragon? This is heresy!”

Richard looked up at her before lifting his foot and stomping down once more, causing the youth to lose consciousness, “Oh? I just hit your Chosen again. And again. And… again. Why don’t I see any divine punishment here? Tch, you’d be best served rethinking the meaning of Blessing Redirection.”

“Guards! Kill this heretic!”

The paladins surrounded Richard at her orders, but having seen what happened none of them acted upon her orders. Their confusion was especially exacerbated when Noelene stepped forward, “Withdraw. Nobody is to point their weapons at Duke Richard; that will only be...

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