Book 7, Chapter 159

Value And Temptation

Learning about the beast tooth’s past value, Richard sighed ruefully and stroked the necklace for a moment. However, it was only a moment of disappointment without regret; no matter what reward was offered, the necklace itself was far more important to him.

He bowed towards the altar, “Thank you for the generous explanation. It will help me reduce the number of detours I will have to take in the future.”

This conversation had given him a better understanding on how offerings were valued. While the pure amount of energy an artefact held could help determine what class of offering it was, he could now pay attention to what the dragon might need and thus reap the greatest benefits.

“You’re a titled offerer, this is something you should know. Raise the level of your title and you will be able to access more information; that is my advice.” The voice paused at this moment, with all...

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