Book 7, Chapter 157

A Conflict For Offerings

“Jacqueline can choose to nurture whoever she wants,” Richard grunted, “You’re the one I’m offering sacrifices with, and no one else. Go tell her that.”

Noelene hesitated a little, “That… isn’t how the rules work. Customarily, all priests and priestesses have a rotational opportunity to host the sacrifices unless a decision is taken by the high priestess. With her absent, our own agreements aren’t binding.”

“I’m a titled offerer to the Eternal Dragon, I’m pretty sure that puts me above most grand priests.”

“Oh?” Noelene was a little surprised. Obtaining a title wasn’t purely about the number of offerings sacrificed, it also showed a certain amount of favour from the Eternal Dragon. Her face lit up in joy, “That might make things a little easier to handle. Wait for me, I’ll see what I can do.”


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