Book 7, Chapter 156


When it came to Alice, “fulfilling traditions” was a difficult task. Even though this time went much more smoothly than the last few, he needed to activate his truename to quicken the recovery of his energy. It was through pure strength of will that he even managed to remain standing with his wobbly legs.

Overcoming any saint was no easy task, but Alice was a particularly powerful fighter. Thankfully, she had already exhausted herself to the point that she barely managed to put on her clothes. As they tidied up in silence, she turned to him and asked, “When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Oh… Why don’t you bring me along this time?”

Richard paused for a moment, “I want to, but you’re the only one who can suppress our enemies in Norland. If the outer shields fall, the portals in Blackrose will be under...

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