Book 7, Chapter 154

Trivial Matters

As he read through the letter, Richard could only think about one thing: Flowsand’s Book of Time. He didn’t really care about upgrading the Book of Creation and Holding, let alone sacrificing Flowsand’s Book of Time for it, but the letter had led him to consider a train of thought buried at the back of his mind.

A small fire lit up in his hand, burning the letter until not even ashes remained, “Has the messenger left yet?”

“Not yet, Master,” the old steward replied.

“Good, tell him that I read it.”

“Yes, Master,” the steward turned around and left.

Richard sat alone in the room, unable to return to his previous train of thought. His heart was suddenly beating fast and heavy, but he couldn’t think of any reason why.

His gaze landed on a few exquisite magic-sealing cases in the corner of the hall, containing those top-tier offerings...

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